Rockjaw is a Warforged Paladin. He was made long ago for the high crown of WaterDeep, and served as a protector and servant of the throne through several human generations. During his service, he performed mainly as a bodyguard, protecting the royal transport as it crossed the wilds of the kingdom of WaterDeep, patroling the castle grounds, and occasionally as a translator in the throne room. His time around royalty and bureaucracy imbued him with a strong sense of duty.

Recently, Rockjaw was awarded to the eccentric wizard ChoKip for his role in saving the kingdom of WaterDeep from some great peril. The wizard soon retired from the adventuring business and moved into the countryside of the kingdom. He spent most of his remaining riches on building a modest tower in a small, out of the way town, and lived a quiet life (for an eccentric wizard). ChoKip removed any remaining inhibiting machinery from Rockjaw, giving him full sentience, and free will, but he had grown fond of the wizard, and chose to stay with him. It was during this time that Rockjaw came into contact with the Brotherhood for the first time. The townsfolk were not trained for combat, in fact ChoKip was the most able warrior in the town. The was raided rarely, but predictably usually by goblins and kobolds during harvest season, and fire beetles during mating season. ChoKip convinced the town to hire Brotherhood Vanguards to protect the town.

One night, however, the town was consumed in a massive fire. Rockjaw was incapacitated when the wizard tower fell apart, killing ChoKip, and pinning him under the wreckage. The town was still burning when Rockjaw finally pulled himself out of the rubble, and in the light he could make out the shape of a tall, heavily armored man with a mane of fiery red hair leaving the scene of carnage.

Rockjaw swore to revenge, but knew he was nowhere near powerful enough to defeat the stranger. He seeks to join the Brotherhood to bring himself to gain the strength and power he will need to kill the man who destroyed his home and master.


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